Veterans Court Diversion Program

Veterans Court is a diversion program for veterans facing prosecution for one or more criminal cases.  Veterans are offered treatment option that is monitored by a judge.  The point is to find appropriate rehabilitative programs to address their needs and to help the veterans avoid the stigma of criminal convictions.

The defendant must:

  1. Admit to the commission of the offense and that the admission can be used against him or her later;
  2. Not commit a criminal offense for the duration of the program;
  3. Not consume alcohol or non-prescribed drugs while in the program;
  4. Agree to submit to random drug testing;
  5. Cooperate with treatment and counseling recommendations;
  6. Take all prescribed psychiatric medications;
  7. Keep all appointment and attend all compliance hearings;
  8. Report to Veterans Court case manager;
  9. Keep the program informed of address, telephone number, and employer information;
  10. Consent to the release of protected information permitted under Texas law;
  11. Have no contact with any person of a disreputable or harmful character;
  12. Plead guilty;
  13. Acknowledge failure to comply with any term of the agreement with the state;
  14. Acknowledge successful completion of the program will result in the dismissal of charges;
  15. Attend compliance hearings in open court; and
  16. Agree to follow an/all directives given by the case manager.

Veterans Court Diversion Program is a 6 to 24 month program.  The length of the program directly relates to the participant’s needs and/or compliance.  Upon successful conclusion of the program, the criminal case is dismissed and the participant can later seek to have it expunged.

The program costs $500.00.  Additionally, the veteran may be responsible for costs of treatment, which includes drug urinalysis, evaluations, treatment, and counseling.

If you or a loved one are a veteran charged with a criminal offense and you have questions, call me.  We can set up a time to discuss whether the Tarrant County Veterans Court Diversion Program is the right. 

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