Tarrant County Domestic Violence Diversion Program

Tarrant County offers a diversion program through Tarrant County Criminal Court No. 5.  The purpose is to permit defendants, in a non-adversarial manner, to attend services designed to prevent violence against women. 

What are the criteria to join the Tarrant County Domestic Violence Diversion Program?

  • There has to be violence between partners
  • No violations of protective orders in the defendant’s history;
  • No stalking                        
  • No Open Warrant
  • No other pending charges,
  • No prior history of diversion;
  • Commitment to complete the program, and
  • The victim agrees for the defendant to participate. 

How do you get into the Domestic Violence Diversion Program?

Defendants are selected for participation by completing a screening program. 

What will the program entail?

Domestic Violence Diversion Program is tailored to its participants to address each participant’s needs. 

If you have questions about an arrest for a family violence assault or any domestic violence offense, call 817-231-0023 to set up a consultation to discuss your case.  Whether you are eligible for a program and whether it is the right program for you depends upon your individual circumstance.

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