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When charged with DWI or any other offense in Fort Worth, the steps you take after that can profoundly impact your entire life. Being accused of a violation is a frightening experience, and understandably so because a conviction can come with severe, life-altering consequences, such as incarceration, fines, probation, the inability to secure employment, et cetera.

Consequently, you may feel overwhelmed and make decisions you believe will help you avoid a conviction, but your choices complicate the situation even further. To prevent this from happening, you need a skilled defense attorney on your side to help you make informed decisions, navigate the criminal justice system, and fight for your best interests.

From your arrest and detention to your trial, all aspects of the criminal justice system seem particularly designed to instill fear in criminal suspects. That is why you need a lawyer who understands how the criminal justice system works, who knows how to investigate criminal cases, and who will fight aggressively to defend your constitutional and legal rights and minimize the legal and emotional challenges that can follow you into your future.

At the Law Office of Brian J. Newman, we have over 40 years of combined experience defending the legal rights of persons accused of DWI or other criminal offenses in Fort Worth and the neighboring cities. We have successfully defended thousands of cases, from simple misdemeanors and serious felonies to federal violations, and achieved desirable results.

We are on the legal map for our deep knowledge and understanding of Texas law, the expert representation we exhibit in the courtroom, and our careful attention to every detail. As confident and aggressive communicators, we build and defend cases and proactively work to keep our clients informed of their legal options and rights, which helps put their minds at ease during this anxious period.

No one is ever prepared to end up in court for committing a crime. The Texas criminal justice system is intimidating, and it can be frightening to find yourself facing incarceration. But when you work with us, you gain the advantage of a lawyer you are sure will defend your rights, freedoms, and best interests. Call us at any time at 817-231-0023 for a complimentary case evaluation. We will thoroughly review your case and advise you on your legal options.

About Our Lead Attorney, Brian J. Newman

Attorney Newman graduated from Duquesne University in 2006 with a B.A. degree. Once he completed his undergraduate education, he enrolled in the Baylor University School of Law. As a law student, Brian completed all criminal law courses offered at Baylor and volunteered to be part of the Innocence Project. He graduated with his law degree in November 2009, and in the same year, the Supreme Court of Texas licensed him to practice criminal law throughout Texas.

Brian worked for a criminal defense law firm in Texas for some time before leaving to start his own firm specializing in criminal defense.

Bar admissions for attorney Brian include:

  • Supreme Court of the United States— June 2014
  • United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit— February 2011
  • United States District Court Northern District of Texas— February 2011
  • Texas, November 2009

Why Work With Us

Hiring the right attorney can make a tremendous difference when you are accused of a crime. A knowledgeable lawyer can be the difference between going to prison or being subject to other consequences and regaining your freedom. The following are the various reasons we stand out from the many law firms in Texas and, therefore, are the ideal choice for you, irrespective of how complex your criminal case is:

Same-Day Legal Representation

We know our clients’ needs are unique and urgent. That is why we provide same-day legal representation. Same-day presentation means we will start working on a client's case immediately after their free initial consultation. The state does not waste time when trying to demonstrate a defendant’s guilt. Thus, proactive legal defense is essential.

Prompt and decisive action from a defense attorney is crucial. The Texas justice system has several time-sensitive complexities and requirements. We help our clients navigate every legal requirement and complexity and understand their legal options.

Aggressive Litigators and Skilful Negotiators

Skilled in all stages of the Texas criminal process, we fight for our clients both as negotiators and litigators. As negotiators, we use any substantive and procedural mistakes in the prosecution’s case to negotiate a desirable plea bargain for our clients. And as litigators, we thoroughly investigate the case facts and prepare procedural motions and substantive evidence based on those facts. We are ready to take your case to trial if the prosecution cannot agree on a favorable plea deal.

Proven Results

Whenever your freedom is on the line due to a criminal offense, having a renowned defense attorney defend you can be the difference between losing and regaining it. Every case detail is critical. Usually, clients feel relieved and reassured after meeting with us for the initial consultation and case review. Clients want and deserve an honest and straightforward approach. They also want desirable results, and desirable results are what we deliver. Fidelity and professionalism toward our clients are supreme throughout our representation.

Experience Matters When Your Future and Freedom Are On The Line

At the Law Office of Brian J. Newman, we understand how strict the prosecution is on persons charged with DWI or any other crime. We have represented clients accused of various crimes and know how critical it is to defend yourself and not plead guilty. A criminal conviction can result in possible incarceration and thousands of dollars in fines. And if it is a DWI offense, you may be subject to the suspension of your driving privilege.

As lawyers who have practiced criminal law for decades, we are conversant with Texas DWI and criminal laws and know the court system backward and forward. We are prepared to put our resources and experience to work on your behalf. If you are searching for an experienced attorney to fight for you, contact us at 817-231-0023 to share your case details. We are ready to serve you 24/7, even on weekends and holidays. Contact us to ensure your case is accorded the attention it deserves.

We Defend All Types of Criminal Cases

Irrespective of the charges against you, you need an attorney who can handle all or most circumstances and spontaneously adapt to various changes. During the trial, witnesses say entirely unexpected things. Attorneys will argue over the pieces of evidence the jury or judge can hear, which can, at times, significantly change the course of a case. An attorney who is slow and not prepared for everything will be ineffective.

As an attorney, you need to be prepared to respond promptly to hostile and demanding judges and adapt to the dynamics of trial. At the Law Office of Brian J. Newman, we have handled all types of cases. We understand Texas law and know how to handle cases. We also know how to build a defense strategy and adapt to changing facts.

DWI defense forms a significant part of our practice, and we have successfully defended hundreds of these cases. We have handled various drug and assault violations, ranging from low-level misdemeanor offenses to first-degree felony violations. The state’s Penal Code describes too many crimes that we cannot list here.

Although criminal charges differ, all criminal cases are handled in the same courts by the same prosecutors and judges. Also, although every criminal case is unique, the law remains the same. At times, criminal law changes—the Texas lawmakers meet every other year. New offenses are criminalized, and penalties are increased or sometimes decreased. However, the law does not change very often.

We have had different case results. We have had countless dismissals and not-guilty verdicts. We have also had many cases lowered to a lesser crime. We have prevented convictions for clients many times, and frequently when the chances seemed slim. We have fought tirelessly to help people regain their freedom. We have extensive courtroom experience, which is critical to our success. We fight persistently for our clients and do not give up easily.

If arrested or charged with a crime, do not immediately plead guilty without looking at all your legal options and defense alternatives. Per the law, every defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty. That is what we believe in, so we fight for our clients.

Our Strategic Approach

Before hiring us, one of our lawyers will meet with you to thoroughly discuss the case facts. Even though no firm can promise particular results, we will give you a first impression of how we would defend your case using a team approach.

Once you hire us, we will work with different investigators to rigorously investigate your case's facts. We have always believed that a thorough investigation by an expert investigator is frequently indispensable. A detailed investigation is often the difference between a not guilty and guilty verdict or a fair plea bargain and a non-favorable plea deal.

During our investigation, we will additionally seek to acquire the evidence the prosecution will use against you. We will carefully review your case to establish whether any mistakes exist that would necessitate a motion to suppress evidence or dismissal of charges for procedural mistakes, and to establish whether the authorities violated any of your rights.

Most importantly, during any stage of the criminal process, we will constantly communicate with you, promptly returning your calls, emails, or texts. We acknowledge that successful legal representation additionally entails an attorney's role as an adviser and counselor, particularly when a client lacks experience with the legal system. Ultimately, whether it will be a lengthy jury trial, the negotiation of a fair plea deal, or an intricate appeal, you will know you have a devoted team representing your interests.

Developing a Solid Defense

Building a strategic plan for your criminal case entails building a solid defense. The prosecution must prove every element making up the criminal offense beyond any reasonable doubt. On the other hand, we must challenge its case at each step of the criminal process. Our defense strategy may include the following:

  • Contesting the violation of your legal and constitutional rights, if any.
  • Using police video or reports to question the officers' account of events.
  • Filing a motion to suppress witnesses or evidence against you.
  • Challenging the prosecution's witnesses or evidence against you.
  • Arguing affirmative defenses, such as mistake of fact, insanity, entrapment, necessity, self-defense, defense of other people, or defense of property.

Clients usually tell us that they feel reassured and relieved after holding a consultation with us and hearing plans for a solid defense—our courtroom results corroborate this. However, the cost of not retaining a skilled criminal defense attorney can be high.

Our Practice Areas

We are experts in handling all criminal cases in Texas. Some of our practice areas include the following:

DWI Charges

DWI consequences mean various things to various people. You can face more severe consequences based on how severe your crime is and your criminal history. Being convicted of DWI can make you lose your job, create problems when renting an apartment, and lead to you serving time in jail or prison. Irrespective of the severity of your DWI charge, a skilled attorney can make all the difference in the results of your case.

When we review DWI cases, there are several things we look for. When the police pull you over for suspected DWI, they must have a specific, articulable reason. If not, it is an unlawful stop. A law enforcement officer cannot stop you due to a feeling that something criminal is happening. They must have a reason to pull you over and detain you, a reason they can explain clearly.

Failure to stop at a stop sign, failing to signal, and speeding are common reasons that warrant a stop. If a police officer lacks an apparent, explainable reason to stop you, they will have violated your rights, and the case cannot proceed.

Our attorneys know how they can argue this fact. We also understand the forwards and backwards of the field sobriety tests and how to exploit the mistakes an arrested officer may have made during an arrest. Most importantly, we know how to challenge scientific DWI evidence that includes BAC test results, something that most attorneys do not know. Some of the DWI cases we handle include the following:

  • First, Second, and Third DWI
  • DWI with Drugs
  • Felony DWI
  • Violent crimes
  • Intoxication assault
  • DWI with a child passenger
  • Intoxication manslaughter

White-Collar Crimes

The term "white-collar crimes" refers to a broad range of violations. It generally refers to financial, non-violent offenses such as money laundering, embezzlement, and identity theft. The investigations for these offenses can be highly intricate. The stakes are also high.

Being convicted of a white-collar crime can subject you to prison time and fines and damage your professional and personal reputation. Consequently, you want to work closely with a skilled white-collar crime defense attorney if charged with or under investigation for any of these violations. Call us at 817-231-0023.

We can bring our decades of extensive experience in federal and state courts to your case. Additionally, we are certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization in criminal defense law and criminal appellate law. We will provide a cost-free consultation and case review for your white-collar crime.

Sex Crimes

Texas prosecutors try sex crimes very harshly. Sex crimes are often serious felonies carrying stiff consequences not only in the legal system but also in daily life. A conviction can come with lengthy prison terms and forced compliance with the sex offender registration requirement for life.

Being charged with a sex crime can change the trajectory of your entire existence. As you deal with the likelihood of a conviction, possible incarceration, and possible sex offender registration, you need a lawyer to counsel and help you throughout the criminal process.

As expert sex crimes attorneys in Fort Worth, we understand how false allegations frequently fuel these types of cases. That is why we work tirelessly to investigate sex crime charges against our clients, discover essential evidence, and develop a defense strategy to secure the most favorable results for their cases.

In most cases, we have had our clients' sex crime charges dismissed without indictment by the grand jury or a court trial. We know how sex crime charges can be devastating and stressful. You can always count on us to intervene in your case early and be proactive.

Federal Crimes

Federal charges are complex. They usually involve strict deadlines, different sentencing guidelines and rules of procedure, and more written pleading than what is required when defending cases in state criminal court. You want to work with a lawyer experienced in defending criminal cases at the federal level if you are charged with a federal crime in Texas.

With many years of experience as federal crimes defense lawyers at the appellate and trial levels, we can work with you to build and execute an effective defense strategy for your case. We have addressed hundreds of federal crimes in Fort Worth and surrounding areas and in federal courts in other states. To learn how we can utilize our expertise and knowledge to defend your constitutional rights and fight for the best possible outcome, contact us at 817-231-0023. We are ready to hold a free and confidential consultation and review your case.

Drug Crimes

Particular activities involving drugs or controlled substances are illegal under Texas law. It is unlawful to possess various drugs in Texas, including cocaine, meth, heroin, and THC oil. These controlled substances and their consequences are listed under Texas Health and Safety Code Chapter 481.

A person can also be arrested for possessing prescription medication without a valid prescription. Apart from possession, other activities involving controlled substances that are criminalized under Texas law are selling, manufacturing, trafficking, and transporting illegal drugs.

The consequences for drug charges are based on three factors: the type of drug, the drug amount, and whether you simply possessed the drug or intended to sell it. Regulated substances are categorized into four categories—Schedule I, Schedule II, Schedule III, and Schedule IV—with varying consequences for each category. Generally, these consequences are severe.

Call us if you are accused of any drug offense. We will thoroughly review your situation to find a solution to avoid the penalties that may change your life. The type of drug crime you face will determine our defense strategy.

If found guilty and sentenced, there may be life-changing results. But if you hire a skilled drug crimes lawyer who cares about preventing devastating consequences, you will have a higher chance of obtaining a charge dismissal. Solutions exist even in the most challenging cases, whether or not you are criminally liable.

More practice areas include the following:

  • Theft crimes
  • Weapon charges
  • Fraud crimes
  • Domestic violence
  • Assault charges
  • Criminal appeals 

Attorneys at the Law Office of Brian J. Newman are highly effective. I was accused of a crime, but I never had to attend court as the charges were dismissed thanks to my attorney's effort. I was worried sick because I did not know anybody who could confirm my location, but my lawyer was able to prove my innocence

- Pete.




I was wrongfully accused of DWI, and I can only say that reaching out to the Law Office of Brian J. Newman for help was the best decision I ever made. My lawyer helped me navigate my legal troubles reliably and thoroughly. Thanks to his effort, I have a criminal-free record because he properly defended me. I recommend this law firm to anyone, anytime

- Drake.


My son has his life back! He was charged with an offense he did not commit, but through the hard work and dedication of attorney Brian J. Newman, the jury found my son not guilty. I will forever be grateful to Mr. Newman. If accused of any crime, you will be best served and represented by the Law Office of Brian J. Newman

- Spencer.