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My name is Brian J. Newman and I believe that a mistake should not ruin the rest of a person’s life.

Criminal cases can carry serious consequences that can affect a person’s life for a long time. I believe by working with a client to create and employ a tailored strategy to an individual case that the consequences of that case can be lessened or eliminated.

In every case, I meet with the client to review all of the evidence and discuss the client’s goals. During this meeting, the client and I develop an individual strategy tailored to the client’s specific legal situation. To begin working on your case right now, call 817-231-0023 and schedule a free one hour consultation at my office in downtown Fort Worth, Texas.

The Law Office of Brian J. Newman focuses on a simple premise, “A mistake should not ruin the rest of a person’s life.” Criminal cases can carry serious consequences that can affect a person’s life for a long time. In addition to jail or prison time or fines, a conviction can result in a lifetime criminal record, a damaged reputation, deportation from the United States, loss of driving privileges, court costs, and community service. Because of these risks, Mr. Newman focuses on the client’s needs instead of what other clients have been happy with in the past.

The Law Office of Brian J. Newman is a full-service criminal defense law firm. The most important decisions in a criminal case start with the attorney that you hire. Having a knowledgeable and reputable criminal defense attorney increases your chances of winning your case. The right approach to your criminal case makes all the difference, and can keep criminal charges from plaguing you for years to come.

Brian Newman believes, by working with a client to create a strategy tailored to that client, he can achieve the best outcome for his client. In every case, Mr. Newman meets with the client to review all of the evidence and discuss the client’s goals. By working as a team with his client, Mr. Newman learns every detail about your case. His goal is to get each client the result they deserve not a quick plea bargain.

To begin working on your case right now, call 817-231-0023

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the general court process?

All criminal cases start the same. There is an alleged crime followed by an arrest. The case is forwarded on to the District Attorney’s Office to determine whether or not there was probable cause to believe a crime had been committed. If the case is a felony, the grand jury must also determine there is probable cause to believe a criminal offense case.

What does a criminal defense lawyer do?

I believe that a criminal defense attorney has three major functions in representing a client.

Investigate: A good criminal defense lawyer should sit down with any client to discuss what happened in their case. The criminal attorney should begin to investigate what happened for himself to find out what is the best defense for this client not what the defense attorney did last time. Under a new law, the defense lawyer should also request evidence in a timely manner from the prosecutor.

Negotiate: Not every client knows exactly what they would like to do in their case at the outset. A criminal defense lawyer should be prepared to negotiate a potential plea agreement with the prosecution even if the client does not want to take it.

Litigate: When a plea agreement is not right for the client. A defense attorney should be prepared to litigate anything from an improper traffic stop to a jury trial. The decision to litigate should never be because the defense lawyer decides or wants to do it. Instead, it must always be the clients decision after talking to his or her defense attorney.

Can I represent myself in a criminal case?

Yes, Texas let’s defendants do that. But remember criminal cases are complex. Sadly, even licensed attorneys do not know how to use the Texas Rules of Evidence, the Constitutions, and criminal laws offensively to protect a client. The law should be used as a sword and a shield. Abraham Lincoln warned against this, “He who represents himself has a fool for a client.” What he meant by this was when something is personal to you it’s hard to see the forest for the trees.

Will my criminal case be dismissed?

There are any number of reasons why a case can be dismissed. I understand the appeal of a dismissal; it guarantees an outcome. However, while some cases will ultimately be dismissed, most will not. They will need to be worked by someone committed to achieving the best outcome for a client. I believe it is important that a criminal defense attorney seek a dismissal while also investigating, negotiating, and litigating.

If you have questions about a pending court case, contact Brian J. Newman at 817-231-0023. If you wait to contact a defense attorney, the less opportunity the attorney will have to gather fresh evidence and speak to witnesses while the event is in their mind. The proper defense may require your attorney to act quickly. A conviction can damage your reputation for life.

For criminal defense, Brian really knows Texas Criminal Law and the rules of law. He's prepared when he goes to trial and ready with really good objections. - Laura G.




Extremely satisfied client
Mr. Newman was an excellent help to my case. I had a possesion of marijuana case and was extremely pleased with the outcome of my case. I will recommend him in the future to anyone I know that has a need for a criminal justice attorney, and should I ever need his services again I will gladly contact him. He is a very straight forward and no nonsense individual and it was a pleasure being assisted by him. - Philip 

Fantastic Fort Worth defense attorney! Brian J. Newman represented my son and I could not be happier with his work. Thank you so much for your help. - Michael S. 






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