Bullying at its worst in Georgia

Bullying has been very much in the news lately. With the increased use of social media, instances of bullying spread across the internet. There have been various examples of severe bullying in recent months. However, a young man in Georgia received the worst of it.

A young man in Georgia was bullied by a classmate. The dispute apparently started over a pair of sneakers. The classmate unleashed a severe beating upon the young man when his back was turned. At the end, the young man had his nose pulled away from his face. His eyes were swollen shut. His face had multiple fractures.

One of the questions I have about bullying is what makes it different. Is this just the intention or is there something more? I believe that bullying requires a difference in power. The person carrying out the bullying must have greater perceived power than the victim. The bully must perpetuate this power dynamic through physical and verbal assault.

The other constant is that in a long enough timeline the victim will almost always retaliate. I have seen this a number of times in cases involving bullying. The victim finally reacts, and winds up catching an assault charge.

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