Tarrant County Veterans Court

Tarrant county has a lot of unique programs for criminal defendants. These programs are designed to address the underlying causes of criminal activity. Several of these programs are diversion programs. This means that the person could potentially have his or her charges dismissed. One such program is the Tarrant County Veterans Court Diversion Program.

Tarrant County Veterans Court Diversion Program is designed to address the hardships several of our veterans experience. The program provides treatment, while resolving their criminal cases. There are several criteria a person must meet before entering the Tarrant County Veterans Court. The person obviously must be a current or past member of the United States Armed Forces. Additionally, there must be a diagnosis of brain injury, mental illness, or mental disorder. This diagnosis must result from the person’s service in a combat area.

The district attorney’s office controls access to the program. The DA’s office must approve all cases prior to being referred to Tarrant County Veterans Court. There are multiple phases to the program. Once the person completes them successfully, the State dismisses their case.

This program may not be for everyone. This is most common if the person does not meet the criteria because of the huge benefits. Although there are not many reasons to not seek approval, some people are too embarrassed, or would rather sit it out. Additionally, if the person has made representations to federal authorities that they do not have these diseases; it’s possible there could be a federal prosecution.

The Tarrant County Veterans Court Diversion Program has a lot of benefits. The program can give veterans the skills to adapt to civilian life. Also, the program can save a person’s military career because it will not result in a final conviction. Each person’s situation is different. It is important that any person who may qualify should consider this program. If you believe that you may qualify, please call 817-231-0023.

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