Domestic Violence policies help protect Texas pets

Many victims of domestic violence do not report the crime because they are afraid for their pets. These people will choose to continue being abused so the abuser does not take it out on their pets. Many people believe that domestic violence can happen only to people.

Is there a real danger of pets being hurt?

The pets are often victims of physical abuse and neglect. Nearly 70% of women that owned pets, who entered a shelter, reported their abuser hurt or killed their pets.

However, until recently, the laws did not protect the pets from retribution. During the most recent legislative session, the Texas legislature allowed a protective order (restraining order) to protect not only children and the abused, but also their pets. The legislature supported this bill to remove barriers that keep people from leaving domestic violence.

Private companies have also begun providing resources to the abused. Sheltering animals and families together and the National Link Coalition created a website that provides resources to people who want to escape domestic violence. Private companies have created this site to fill a need in the community.

Dangers to the accused and protective order violations.

Generally, the pets belong to both parties and a person accused of domestic violence will be angry to learn that the pets are gone. If the person goes to get the pets back, they could violate the protective order. Most protective order violations are Class A Misdemeanors, which are punishable by up to one year in jail and a fine up to $4,000.00.

These resources will help protect people from any acts of violence at the hands of their spouse. Additionally, they address an issue that has gone a long time without being addressed.

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