Texas Alcohol and Beverage Commission’s New Tactic

Law enforcement agencies are using technology to deter crime. Texas Alcohol and Beverage Commission (TABC) created two new applications (apps) for mobile devices. The apps are the TABC Complaint Reporting and the Intoximaze.


The TABC Complaint Reporting app permits users to report certain crimes. Users can report prostitution, underage drinking, gambling, serving after hours, drug use, and over serving of patrons.

The Texas Alcohol and Beverage Commission hopes the users will fill out an e-form to report the activity. The form requests the name of the restaurant or bar, the address, the city, the county, the incident type, and incident details. Additionally, users must submit their e-mail address before sending the complaint. Also, the app will send the Texas Alcohol and Beverage Commission the user’s exact location.

This app relies heavily on the users. These users must be willing to disclose their personal e-mail and location.

TABC has taken a new and unique approach to combating crime in Texas with the TABC Complaint Reporting app.


Intoximaze is a game. The player has to navigate a maze with his or her finger. The Texas Alcohol and Beverage Commission includes some information for alcohol awareness in the app. Intoximaze displays information about the dangers of alcohol when the user loses. The app will even recommend someone get a cab to avoid a charge of driving while intoxicated (DWI).

The app links to a website run by Texas Alcohol and Beverage Commission. www.legal2drink.org. This website has information about alcohol and intoxication. Viewers can find information to help them assess their blood alcohol concentration. The hope is with this information the user can avoid a DWI charge, alcohol poisoning, and even find help.

However, smartphones cannot view the website fully. The app itself does not contain much helpful information. Unfortunately, some of the people seeking help will not find it.

The Intoximaze app exists to drive traffic to Legal2drink.org. If it is successful, it could save a lot of hassle and even people’s lives. Hopefully, TABC updates it, so the app contains the information to help prevent DWI.


However, like all apps, the user needs to understand what parts of the phone the apps can read. Police Officers do not need a search warrant someone if the person to be search consents. If you are going to download this app, read the terms of use. Otherwise, you could consent to having your phone data searched.

For information on other tools that relate to alcohol offenses including driving while intoxicated please click here: http://defendyourfuture.com/texas-dwi-new-tool/ 


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